Thursday, October 7, 2010

fall inspiration

in an effort to beat the blues i've cleaned my house, lit my favorite fall candles, and we hit the playground to soak up some vitamin d. i wrote an entire post that i felt was whiny and tmi so i've opted for inspiration instead. so, grab a cup of this (the fragrance alone gives my candles a run for their money and it's so sweet i checked to make sure it wasn't sweetened!) and hopefully be inspired too.

loving this sweet blog. could they be any cuter? jade really inspires me as a mother and her words are always so uplifting.

my talented friend liz took this photo. isn't it so lovely?

after seeing posts like this and this i was in need of apples, of the pie variety. i got half a pie here and it was everything i've been dreaming of and more.

hannah takes such gorgeous food shots.

speaking of apples. have you tried the honeycrisp variety? it's insanely good. i like mine chilled.

i put this on my wishlist today. i need to start sewing again to support my habit. i had to take a tiny break. being a working wife/mom + magazine editor + etsy shop owner has been harder than i thought. i just needed a few weeks off. luckily i have blogs like this that keep me inspired.

i also need to make matilda's halloween costume. what are you dressing your munchkins as this year?

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McMel said...

i can't sew, but my father in law can, and he's making the costume for my sons first halloween! he's going to be a pickle!!

jade said...

i like you. a lot. Thank you for the sweet feature on your blog. So happy you can find some inspiration on mine! Girl, anything good about me is because of Him! Loving your blog too. Do you think you could come make a visit to Marion, IN and teach me how to sew?!

Camille said...

I just discovered Honeycrisp apples a couple weeks ago. I feel cheated that I have gone without them for so long.

Anonymous said...

honeycrisps are the best! I just picked up a batch the other day (at whole foods, no apple orchards in south louisiana)...MMMM!!

Jana said...

My 4 year old daughter is being the UPS man....I mail order most things..and she loves when he arrives at our door.

Bridget said...

love this whole post. little red house is my new fave... i want to make the honey and jam recipe... i love lululemon... the changing kits. gah, i will stop- basically it was perfect.