Thursday, October 14, 2010


i announced yesterday that i'll be speaking here in december. what a way to check "do more things that scare me" off this list!

the "unconference" is going to be for lifestyle bloggers, people who blog about food, art, fashion, etc. shameeka aka the broke socialite is the events founder and she felt like most blog conferences were tailored for the mommy blogger. heavens, i love my baby girl but don't let me fall in to that category! so lavish! will be for the rest of the blogging world. there are so many amazing speakers and the advisory panel will blow your mind. there are only a few seats left, so make sure you sign up!

the mansion in buckhead

i am going to be talking about using my blog and other social media to sell my dresses. i want to know what kind of questions you would have. the more the better!

ps the girls from rue magazine are sponsoring the event. if you can't do the whole conference you should at least have some cocktails the night before!

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Kate Kiefer said...

yay! everyone will want to know how you find time to do it all!

Jessie said...

would love to be at an unconference like this! if only i could go!

angelina la dawn said...

how exciting for you! and i agree, it seems that most events of this nature are for mommy bloggers- glad to see someone doing something about it!

Down and Out Chic said...

oh my goodness lesley, i would go just to hear you speak! it's going to be awesome :)