Monday, October 18, 2010

fall plant sale

remember when we went to the fabulous le jardin joli plant sale last spring? we were lucky enough to attend the fall sale this past thursday. the fall is actually the best time to plant, because the roots are allowed to establish before the winter. i love going to the oakton house. it is so stunningly beautiful and the addition of the chicken coup just pushes it right over the edge. have you ever seen a more darling chicken coup? matilda was obsessed with the chickens leading to quite a melt down, which in turn made me melt down. my mom gave me a few hours to run out to look for a dress. have you been to a mall lately. bleak my friends, bleak. luckily i was able to borrow a dress to wear to one of the sweetest weddings i've been to. let's just say the groom surprised his new bride with a heartbreakingly sweet rendition of foo fighter's everlong. the night ended with sparklers doing the tomahawk chop. i love our friends.

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Brittany Nicole Grace said...

It was such a lovely wedding, and you looked splendid in the dress! ; )