Friday, December 3, 2010


i confess that this is not always an easy thing for me to remember. some people we deal with in life are just tough. i've been feeling a bit punched around these days and i'm in the need of a little rest. on another note, i've decided to close the shop until next year. as much as i LOVE creating little pieces of clothing, it leaves me little free time to make things for my little one and i want to enjoy this season as much as possible. i look forward to returning refreshed and inspired.

it feels good to take charge of your life.

feeling like i can breathe a little easier already!


Lindsay Széchenyi said...

Yea! I have been taking charge of my life recently and it is awesome. Happy holidays <3

meet the squirrels said...

this reminds me of a buddhist teaching i read recently about compassion. it isn't an easy exercise, but it makes you think twice about how you treat others.

Mary Alice said...

this is now the background on my phone! thanks lesley! miss you my dear!

blueeyedfreckle said...

I think that's the best thing you can do for yourself! And I am so sorry you've taken a beating! YOu sure do about a million things at once, so....

Ive taken a break myself. luckily I have extra headbands from ICE to give customers. but I refuse to make ONE MORE piece until January!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog but never post...sorry :(
However I am a person who is punched a lot....really like on a daily basis.
I have decided too enough is enough.....people dont like it when you say that but you do need to sometimes. You dont need to change who you are but learn to accept that you are who you are and you are not entitled to punch me when ever it takes your fancy!

God made you and this wasnt his dream for you :)
take care and enjoy creating for yourself!!