Thursday, January 20, 2011

healthy recipes for lunch

my sweet little girl is sick. this is only the second time in her life, so i'm thankful for that. i'll be making her one of these this morning. she was still happy as a clam last night. when i was putting her to bed she was all smiles. i went to bed early. sam and i ordered pizza and i was in a carb coma. seriously, i felt so bad. anyways, sam came to bed later and said that he was going to sleep on the couch because matilda had been waking up. i insisted that he come to bed and that we'd break out the monitors. he said he wanted to hear her, so he'd stay on the couch. truth be told sam never wakes up to the monitor. my point in all of this is that sam is a wonderful father. he wanted to be the one waiting there in case matilda needed him. he said she kept saying, "help with boogers." that's why it's good to teach your kid words like booger, so they can tell you when they need help with them.

in case you are struggling with what to eat for lunch this week, i wanted to offer some suggestions. when i work, we don't have a way to heat up food so it gives me a good chance to eat raw. i eat a TON of salads. i love sprinkling them with goat cheese and lately i add a clementine in the mix. vitamin c and takes so good with mixed greens. here are some other salad combos:

beet salad

the last 2 recipes are from a beautiful blog called sprouted kitchen. if you are not familiar, you will love it!

i also make a lot of cheese and deli roll-ups (great if you are gluten intolerant- my friend jessie makes these for her kids and they're yummy!). look for grass-fed or raw cheeses as well as nitrate-free deli meat like apple gate farms. you can also add in some arugula for crunch.

i have made olivia's arugula pesto "chicken" salad numerous times. my family loves it and the leftovers taste amazing. in lieu of a sandwich i pour the chicken salad over a bed of arugula. to.die.for.

the main thing with lunch is to come prepared. if you work, pack your lunch. that way you'll feel wasteful if you don't eat it. if you're at home, think about making a little extra of your dinner so that you can have leftovers the next day. same goes for if you have access to a microwave (i don't endorse microwaves, but let's face it most people don't work near a kitchen) at work. sam always takes the rest of our dinner to work the next day. super easy. dinner recipes coming soon... i tried out one of the recipes this week and it was a huge hit!


Kate Kiefer said...

that chicken salad looks so yummy! i need a food processor. sorry til's sick : ( but it's really cute that she's asking for help with her boogers.

Hiking in Stilettos said...

So sad that baby girl is sick, but I love that she "needs help with boogers!"
Also, definitely trying this chicken salad ASAP! I found quinoa-based pasta noodles last week & used them for vegetable spaghetti, and it was delish. Thought you may want to try them!

lorianderic said...

Thanks for the recipes! Love the egg muffins from your breakfast post. Passed your blog on to several friends of mine! Hope your little one is feeling better!
Lori May Interiors

homemade grits said...

thanks so much lori! glad you like the egg muffins. super easy, right?

Mr.Weightloss said...

Thanks for the great dishs YUMMY!!

Christy said...

Hope Matilda and Sam are all better (and you're definitely right about that 'men are worse' bit). Thank you for all the great recipes! I went to the class with Dr. Jockers last week and LOVED it! I'm now completing my first week of detox.. Yay!

But here's what I wanna know from you- what's your policy on drinking?? Alcohol, that is. Kinda embarrassed to ask but, I need to know how I'm gonna get my wine!

Thanks, boo.

homemade grits said...

re: christy
from one wine lover to another... red wine is best 1-2 glasses, not every day :)

LOVE that you went to dr jockers class. i want to hear all about it!

Laura said...

I am loving the increase in healthy food posts! That photo of you and Matilda clearly captured a great mother daughter moment. Just beautiful!