Tuesday, February 15, 2011

rebuilding your temple: week two

this week at rebuilding your temple we discussed food + exercise.

oh exercise, we're not the best of friends, but we're getting there. i enjoy yoga more than i can say, so i have that going for me. this week we talked about peak 8 training. you can watch a video here and here.

notes of interest:
  • the main benefit of peak 8 is that you work your super-fast muscles, which are never worked in typical exercise.
  • this type of exercise increases HGH, which is $1300 a shot and you can get it for free! human growth hormone is anti-aging and helps you maintain optimal health.
  • only do this type of exercise 2-3 times per week.
  • your max heart rate = 220 - your age. you should reach 80 - 90% of your max heart rate.
  • basic guidelines:
  1. start with a three minute warm-up.
  2. work hard at max effort for 20-30 seconds (walk, run, elliptical, etc)
  3. rest or continue activity at a slower rate for 90 seconds.
  4. repeat this cycle for a total of 8 reps.

food. God made vs man made.

notes of interest:
  • God foods are foods that God has created specifically for our consumption. these foods grow and exist in nature. your body instantly recognizes it and knows what to do with it.
  • food by man: aspartame, splenda, fast-food, sugar, pasteurized dairy products, refined flour products. all of these "foods" are far removed from their natural state.
  • there is no "grey area" in food. it's either good or bad.

daniel 1:11-16 the message

i'm working on switching over to raw cheese and lowering my dairy intake. baby steps. i'm also working on appreciating and understanding discipline. here's some inspiration.

  • wake up with water (week one)
  • try the peak fitness program 2-3 times a week
  • think about the life and health you want and take steps towards it
  • add God foods to your diet and take out foods made by man wherever possible
have you made any life changes recently?


nikkibrown said...

Hi there girlie! I am so excited you are posting about yoga. I am YogaFit certified and try to teach as much as possible. It is my favorite part of the day! Keep up the good work and check out my blog for some more yoga tips!

Nicole Wrathell said...

can you tell us a little more about God dairy? i like to eat yogurt every morning and cheese in my salads... any tips?

*plum*tree*studio* said...

eek..i love this! okay..i started the water in the morning last week and it made such a difference. i've been able to rid myself of most dairy products for quite a long time but still love a latte here and there. working on the exercise and God food. I wonder, is Goat cheese a raw cheese? I love a little in my salad.

homemade grits said...

re: nicole

the goal is to take out as much unpasteurized dairy as possible. when it's unpasteurized the products are highly removed from their original food source. you can find tons of raw cheese at whole foods. organic valley makes a raw cheese that you can get at kroger. i like atlanta fresh greek yogurt. great for you!

re: dana

yay water! most chevres are pasteurized. you can find goat cheeses that are raw and parmigianna reggiano is awesome on salads. it's raw too.:)

stephanie from texas said...

absolutely have. i had gotten in terrible habits after my mother got sick and died. finally, i am back on track. grabbing my health back with whole foods, exercise, and lots of water.

Claire Kiefer said...

I've been eating really healthily lately (minus the cupcakes I consumed on Valentine's day) and cooking a lot more--swiss chard, kale, northern beans, lentils, varied salads, butternut squash & garbanzos, tons of Greek yogurt, black bean chili. It feels good to eat what I cook, since I know exactly what is in it and I can feel the nutrients.

But I have to say that I think there is a gray area. Things like potatoes (which are definitely God food--straight from the earth--and contain potassium, but also a lot of starch), sweet potatoes (same deal), eggs ("natural" and full of protein but also very high in cholesterol), and almost all meats (I know that's arguable, but I've read too many harrowing accounts of the meat industry).

What works for me is just a balance that feels right. I know when I'm eating healthy foods and when I'm not, and the older I get, the more I realize that it doesn't matter if the Lean Cuisine pasta has very low calories, it also doesn't have any nutritional value.

Water = good. Sparkling water helped me get off coke zero a while back. And I drink regular water all the time.

Down and Out Chic said...

i recently went to an allergist and figured out that i'm allergic to almost EVERYTHING. this makes eating raw foods especially difficult and since i'm allergic to soy, processed foods are out of the question. i'd love to think my body knows what to do with food, but apparently, i was skipped over with this talent.

homemade grits said...

re: claire

i asked my friend paul to help me out with the "gray area." :

I know how you feel. That gray are you're talking about is a little funny. If weight loss or healing is your goal then you want to avoid anything that requires your body to work hard at breaking it down, even though its a food by God. Starches are tough on our system and take a while to process. However if weight loss or healing is not the issue, then these things are fine in moderation. Eggs are pretty much a perfect food and offer us the cholesterol and help to balance it. Grass-fed meats are totally acceptable, however listen to your body after you eat them. We will be discussing soon about nutritional typing. Some of us do well without animal protein and only veggies, others are the opposite, most of us are mixed types. Listening to your body after eating is the only true way to tell what is right for you. I hope this clears some of it up for you.
blessings! paul

erin said...

you talk about using half-and-half in your coffee... every once in a while i like a treat from the coffee-shop and since i'm trying to eat low-sugar/low-carb and drop a few pounds,i'll get a breve (latte made with half-and-half). this is certainly the exception as I know it's still not good for you and the point is whole, good foods not "low-carb" per se. But still... wondered if you had an opinion on this.

homemade grits said...

re: erin

hey girl! ok, so i used to work at starbucks and the breve lattes were very popular back then as was the atkins diet. at starbucks we used heavy cream. if this is something you are doing once in a blue moon in a small size, then i think it's a treat! i definitely would not suggest this as a normal way to drink your coffee. while i think good fat is an important part of your diet, this drink will not give you the nutrition that you need.

Christy said...

Wonderful information and TOTALLY inspiring! Thank you for being so uplifting, Lesley!

ps- Andy and I have lost over 10 pounds!!