Wednesday, April 6, 2011


1. spotted on the little green notebook/ 2. can't wait to get this book

hm. i don't even know where to begin. the last few weeks have been exhausting. who knew that moving a few things around would take such a toll on every free second we have. add a bunch of social commitments (albeit fun ones) and you've got one tired lady.

just a few of the mishaps along the way:
  • our washing machine has stopped spinning. this doesn't work for me. soaking wet cloth diapers are not pretty. trust. you should have seen me and sam trying to perform "diagnostics" to solve the problem. made me love sam that much more. (ps it's still broken)
  • one of matilda's bottles fell in the dishwasher and sam had to use a heat gun to remove it from the bottom. it was glued. problem solved.
  • i patched all of the holes from the frames we'd removed from the walls. proudly i repainted the patched holes with "alexandria beige" only to see that the new paint did not match the old and there were dark spots-everywhere. luckily sam found the old paint can buried below the house so that will be my project tonight. repainting.
  • we've had the hardest time deciding on what kind of wood to use on the desktops, but i think we've figured it out.
thank God for wine.

a cute thing that happened today:

there was a lost baby owl outside at my mom's house. she had to call animal control to help move it back in to the trees. all matilda could talk about was the baby owl: "i saw a baby owl. it had two wings."


blueeyedfreckle said...

oh my gosh matilda is adorable! It had two wings! and I think that list of things going wrong would probably have made me go a little crazy..... esp. the washer.

{BlueEyedYonder} said...

Ohhhh lady! What a time you've had. I didn't know you did the cloth diaper thing. I have always been interested in it but had so many people try to talk me out of it. (Well, there wasn't much talking...not like I have a kiddo or anything.) I just like the 'green' aspect of it. I actually had cloth diapers for a while when I was a baby, guess the whole disposable parade hadn't geared up yet.

Hope you have a better rest of the week! xoxo

McMel said...

it would happen that a washer would break with a load full of cloth diapers. yikes! that's my nightmare

Claire Kiefer said...


cutest sentence ever uttered.

Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes said...

I cannot wait until my copy of Heidi's new book arrives(along with my new gardening tools) they should be delivered today!

Love your blog and the natural way you approach life :-)

PS Food Matters rocked- it convinced my friend to become pescetarian

Kari Beth said...

i LOVE that rug. we've been looking for an aztec rug for our living room. we live in a cookie-cutter starter home and feel like something like that would give it that fun, edgy look without going over board and looking too outta place!

McKayJoice said...

The light over the kitchen table in the picture is so cute. I love it.

Bridget said...

i am lovin' your recommendations lately, lady!