Thursday, May 19, 2011



while i sew i often try to find something to watch or listen to, you know to keep me company. the other day i was listening to this sermon on encouragement. part of the message was about a study that was done that found that for every word of encouragement we receive, there are 6 criticisms. ouch, right? i'm guilty of thinking nice things about people and not always expressing them. that's gonna change. the speaker went on to talk about how "refreshing others" will in turn leave you refreshed. those who continually build others up will in turn be built up.

so, all this to say don't hold back.


Neil Butterfield said...

My father taught me that if you cannot say something good about someone, rather say nothing at all.

Julie Holloway said...

gonna listed to it now.

Julie Holloway said...

okay--last comment. We go to NP too!!