Tuesday, June 21, 2011

rebuilding your temple: week twelve


movie- sugar: the bitter truth (part 2)

to be honest with you this movie was a bit over my head. this guy is a genius, but so much of the info was science related and i need for things to be simple. i tried to "dumb it down" for myself and hope that you can learn from the info too.

a few things about fructose and how it works:
fructose does not suppress the hunger hormone (leptin). this in turn causes people to eat and eat and eat, but never feel full...that is until your stomach hits capacity (read food coma). fructose also slows insulin production, which can further lower leptin levels and over time can result in a metabolic syndrome. metabolic syndrome results in: obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. fructose consumption increases production of uric acid, which raises the risk of gout. we have a hypertension epidemic because of fructose.

about gatorade: gatorade originally tasted very unsavory. then gatorade was purchased by pepsi in 1992. they added high fructose corn syrup to make it sell. then they came out with gatorade am. shudder. it's totally targeted towards kids to gain a part of the gatorade market share. no athletes are drinking this.

exercise is important to obesity because it improves skeletal/muscle insulin sensitivity, it's the single thing that reduces stress, and burns off unhealthy things that turn in to fat.

fyi did you know that eating a paleo diet can cure type 2 diabetes in a week? WOW.

i know that a lot of you have probably seen supersize me, but isn't it alarming that mcdonald's meat and even mustard have high fructose corn syrup in them?!

i ate really bad last week and felt it in my energy level immediately. the great thing is that it can be undone quickly. just eating lots of fruits and vegetables today has made me feel so much better!


Hiking in Stilettos said...

LOVE this post. Not to get all sciency on you, but I recently found a journal article about high fructose corn syrup and it's association with high blood pressure and diabetes. Groundbreaking!!! The scientific community simply won't back things without evidence, and here it is! I will post it soon :)

Also, love the story about the girl with type 1 diabetes who switched to paleo and her disease is under control.

McMel said...

i craved red powerade when i was pregnant and after i delivered my son. now i don't drink it at all. i think it's best left for those participating in sports

it's crazy all the condiments that contain hfcs- even things you wouldn't think do. one time i bought the store brand kidney beans over the name brand. i got home to find out that the store brand contained hfcs. ick. sometimes it's better to spend the extra $!