Friday, July 15, 2011

blue moon pizza

when it comes to vacation meals, sam and i don't really hold back. one of our favorite things in the world is pizza. i have been dying to try blue moon pizza for months after my friend paul recommended it. so freaking good. the bbq chicken pizza left me craving more. seriously. the server said we'd have leftovers... not so much.

plus they bring out "kid dough" for small people right when you sit down. not that matilda liked it, but it was a nice distraction for five seconds. i'll let you in on a little something. if we want to have dinner out...

cinderella comes too.

what's your guilty pleasure?
have a relaxing, sun on your face, time to read a book, eat too much pizza, kind of weekend.


blueeyedfreckle said...

Oh yeah the iPad makes eating out a possibility again! Love it, it's a crutch but it is totallllllly worth it!

LRC said...

Mmm, BBQ pizza! Crave!

Neil Butterfield said...

I am with you here as pizza is my all time favorite mood food.

Between Blue and Yellow said...

Such funny picture of you and Tilda! Raw dough, yum!

Melissa Blake said...

oh, that pizza looks delicious! :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious ... Matilda's face !
Hope you have a great summer.
Miss you u.