Tuesday, July 5, 2011

eat more vegetables

grilled portabello mushrooms

this week i plan on packing each day full of vegetables. fruits too, but mainly going vegetarian for the week. i'm also working on eating raw at least two meals a day. so far i have made these raw tacos and these raw brownies. they were both unbelievably delicious. it amazing how awesome nuts are. i would much rather eat nuts disguised as meat than soy which is so often full of c-r-a-p (i'm even spelling out cuss words on the internet). oh and i'm allergic to it too. my lips swell up like large balloons.

over the weekend sam and i made these portabello burgers for dinner with my sister rachel. grilled peaches might be my new favorite thing. so. good.

please share, i would love to hear your go-to vegetarian meals...
i was a vegetarian for about two years, but was more like a carbatarian. cheese quesadilla? yes please. i could easily eat like a healthy vegetarian now but sam loves him some meat. trying to find a way to "meet" in the middle.


Shaunna Faye said...

Oh! I just bought some peaches. Never thought to grill them. I might have to try that.

Michelle said...

"Carbatarian" haha. That's what I would be if I gave up meat!

Beyond Blessed in GA said...

Sounds like you and I are heading down similar roads! I am torn though between a nourishing traditions style and a more raw/vegetarian lifestyle. I definately feel better & have more energy when I eat this way though.

Loved the grilled mushrooms! I marinated mine in balsalmic one night, but they smelled so good I ate them before they ever hit the grilL! Ani Phyo has some awesome ideas (and cookbooks) about eating raw, and doesnt seem to be quite as complicated as some others. I like her breakfast "scrambles", even my toddler eats them! I also liked her raw chili a lot, my family ate it too, but with organic corn chips. Gotta keep them happy somehow!

I also fell in love with beets, My New Roots "beets and greens salad" is awesome. Beet hummus is amazing too!

I'll have to come back to check out some of your other readers' ideas, I need some simple go-to ideas that my whole fam will eat!

Thanks for posting, I am always encouraged to keep it up after your posts!

Claire Kiefer said...

Tonight I am roasting veggies: tiny yukon gold potatoes, beets, onions, garlic, and baby carrots. I will roast them with salt, pepper, and rosemary (in olive oil). They will be delicious plain or on a salad. :)

homemade grits said...

@angela thanks for all of the great resources. i love my new roots! we are growing beets so i need good recipes for them.
@claire yum! i think i'll try that sans potatoes. ;)

Something Old, Something New said...

yum those look delicious!

love your blog!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I want grilled peaches now! I'm a vegetarian, have been for over 6 years now. I did start eating fish again though because much like you, I think I'm so much of a carbatarian it's not even funny. I really hate mushrooms too, which makes being a veggie pretty difficult. I have to say some of my fave veggie meals are sandwiches chock full of veggies and some pretty good healthy curries made with snow peas and bamboo shoots and such.

Beyond Blessed in GA said...

I have to thank you for turning me onto My New Roots, she has so many great recipes/ideas! I am definately guilty of enjoying that raw choc shake many days of the week!! I like to add spinach to it and make it my lunch!

Have a great week Lesley!