Monday, July 4, 2011

happy fourth!

i went to my first parade this morning.
it was awesome.
we sat with our neighbors at the end of the street. next year we'll bring chairs.
we're going to try and catch the fireworks tonight.
they're way after a certain someone's bedtime. this will require careful planning.
looking forward to grilling out, lighting sparklers, and having an adult drink or two.


Claire Kiefer said...

My goodness, that picture of Matilda with her long dress and the flag is so sweet. I need to get some (hard copies) of updated Matilda pics; the ones on my fridge are baby pictures! Cannot wait to hug that sweet girl NEXT WEEK!

Happy 4th--you look beautiful!

Kristina said...

Seriously? Your first parade? Ever??? How can that be?

Your Southern Peach said...

Adorable picture of you and your husband! Glad you enjoyed the parade. They are really fun if you can tolerate the crowds.