Friday, September 2, 2011

do good

so my friend ellen told me about this totally great 30 day challenge (#30daysofgood) from the people over at good. each day of september there is a mini challenge such as - day 1: send someone a postcard. it's all about communicating and connecting with people amidst the spliced and diciness of the social media world we live in. i will totally be playing along as this is so up my alley.

to do: send a postcard


Shauna said...

Thats such a nice idea.

Im dying to know... does the argan oil really work? i oohed and aahed over that lc video. come on! can it be that easy? if it really works im buying a case. do tell us!!

homemade grits said...

love her. it makes your hair really soft. i just air dried mine but i'm curling it tonight cause i'm going OUT. so pumped.

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm gonna check this out--so sweet! I love post cards and letters even more. Love you.

Lindsay N. Strickland said...

I love getting mail, what a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was looking around the web trying to find fish recipes and information about drinking more water-all to be healthier. I know these things make one healthier but I wanted to find more info. I even googled something about tilapia and water and it showed me results about having a clean fish pond! lol!
Then I gave up and started looking through my bookmarks for fun. And came across yours! Decided to pop in and see how you were (and cutie pie Matilda!) and there are your detox posts! and i started realizing your site is exactly what I was looking for when researching my "lifestyle changes!" You've been there all along;)
Anyhow, trying to man up and get motivated to create a detox menu. Scared since I am basically on my own all week with my three young daughters (6,4 and 2) The hubs comes home on weekends for now in our life. I rely heavily on Diet Coke and know this is so bad for me. So thank you for motivating me!
And you are totally rocking the clogs! Love them!
PS-Gossip is so bad and yet we all find ourselves doing it. Thanks for the reminder about how it is a downer in all ways. MUST. BE. STRONG!