Tuesday, September 6, 2011

coming up

at our brunch date this weekend at chicken and the egg

this picture totally sums up this little miss who is rapidly approaching her three year mark (two weeks from yesterday to be exact). she's watching little mermaid videos on my phone while we wait for the check. she ate (kind of) pita pizza that she smothered with gold fish. her hair looks like this most days (as does mine) and she is this hilarious chatty girl. we get so many questions like, "is that a lady?!" and "is that guinness?". i think she just enjoys talking. i sat her down and we looked through pictures of the day she was born. she kept saying, "aw, what a cute baby" and i would say "that's you peanut" and she would reply "huh?!" the next morning when i went to get her out of bed she said told me she wanted to be in my belly again. made me tear up.

i can't believe that we've had matilda in our lives for almost three years. i truly cannot imagine life without her.

so i am in full on party prep mode trying to make every little detail of her party perfect. we didn't throw a party last year so i think i'm making up for that a tiny bit. kid parties are so fun and i've been overwhelmed by the inspiration. crazy! i've been pinning away.

did you have a great labor day weekend? we truly needed a few days to be together. sam had a gun competition so matilda and i ate brunch together, we enjoyed the slowest trickle of rain and dark skies (although i know some of our georgia neighbors had tornadoes), we shared a family meal at my sweet grandparents' house (see matilda and her second cousin here), and we went to the park. such a blissful long weekend.


Paige said...

She is seriously so adorable. I can't wait to see pictures of her party!!

Anonymous said...

j'aime beaucoup cette photo de Matilda ! Bisous Isa