Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fall favorites

these two are definitely at the top of my list.
other notes of interest:
sleeping with the windows down
wearing chunky socks or these socks (my all-time favorite)
the smell of all spice
fire pit nights
making chili
pumpkin anything
decorating for fall. love this leaf garland.
see more fall favorites here.

what are yours?


Katie said...

fall is my favorite season. i am so excited for all of these things on your list! but....then comes winter :(

the southern hostess said...

I'm so ready for it. Mmm, pumpkins and cider.

liz said...
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liz said...

bath and body works leaves candle!! I get it every year when I feel fall coming (i.e. yesterday).. It is HEAVENLY. Favorite!

Katie Burgoon said...

I just made chili last night! I really can't wait for fall, even though I still pride myself on being a "summer girl" to the core.

One of my favorite things about Fall: Terrapin Pumpkinfest beer. I know you are on a detox, so I probably shouldn't even mention it, but seriously: TO. DIE. FOR.

Claire Kiefer said...

Excuses for lots of coffee, my veggie chili, and most of all . . . FOOTBALL! :)

Neil | Butterfield said...

My fall favorites include soccer season looming and the ability to snuggle up in bed at night with a good book.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

You have a great list. Tonight my family is having chili and watching football. I can't wait.

My favorite thing about fall is dressing my daughters in layers and hats. They have so many cute clothes and I love dressing them up.

jodi kendall said...

yay for cardigans & cider!

Anonymous said...

Sitting here in peaceful quiet (3 yr old is asleep, baby is running an errand with daddy), nothing but the sound of the crickets outside and the cool, early fall breeze blowing in through the kitchen window. Eating the last of the divine summer peaches with my Greek yogurt. Love these late summer/early fall evenings...