Tuesday, September 27, 2011

time, time, TIME

kinda want this.

i've been thinking a lot about time management lately. ever feel like me, that you don't have any time to yourself and that there's an endless to-do list? perfect. it's my goal to figure out a system that helps me accomplish the things that HAVE to get done, leaving plenty of room for the things i WANT to get done. also, keeping in mind the unexpected things that come up (celebrations, an extra day at work, a sick child, an unplanned act of service, etc).

1. when it comes to meals, planning them can take a little time but with a few extra steps you'll actually save time for the week ahead. oh she glows (a great healthy tasty blog found through my friend katie) has a great series on make ahead lunches. check it. also, whole living did a great piece on time-saving prep in this month's issue. my main trick with meal planning is making a menu (sticking to it) and shopping on sunday for all the necessities. i also find that i spend less money at work on snacks when i pack my lunch the night before - making sure i have a well rounded meal.

2. squeezing in exercise...ok, i admit, this is one area that needs serious help in my life. i want to know how YOU make it a priority: do you schedule it in? use the adage just do it? what works for you? my favorite way to get exercise is to have my family in tow, that way we're spending quality time together while we sweat (i'm a multi-tasker). favorite joint activities: walking trails, walking to the square and back, hiking kennesaw mountain, etc.

3. email, social media, pinterest etc.- these to me are the biggest time suck. seriously, like you don't know that hours can go by while you're pinning away. so to keep myself disciplined i give myself thirty minutes in the morning and at night to "maintain." other helpful things are hootsuite for scheduling tweets and facebook posts. works like a charm. do you use an app to manage your social media?

4. blogging - something that i take full advantage of in blogger is the scheduling setting. scheduling posts ahead of time helps me build a calendar and allows me to blog in bulk and then spread out the posts. have you tried it? this post brought to you by scheduling.

5. balancing friends and family into the mix. this can be tricky, but we make it a priority to spend time with family 3 or more times a month. working downtown allows me to visit with friends after work when matilda's sleeping, so that's helpful. we're still mastering this one...

6. running a house. i've talked about this before. i think the best trick is to do a little every day instead of just letting everything pile up and spending a whole day putting the messes from the week away. this is particularly difficult with a toddler. every night i have a basket that i fill with matilda's things. i corral them and then put them away the following morning.

other notes
: to-do lists make me feel productive. i really like paper. do you use an app or jot things down? also, know when to say no. this one is a hard one for me. i had to turn down an opportunity to bless others this week. i just literally could not make it happen. also, the importance of making time for solitude. being alone and taking time to breathe makes you a better person. i truly believe this.

*tomorrow - my top tips for getting things done!


Emily said...

You are so 1000% right about Pinterest! I love the idea of putting a time on the online junk food!

homemade grits said...

@emily - pinterest is the mother of all time suckers.

Shauna said...

I can never keep a pocket calender going...I use my calendar on my fridge and sticky notes. Lots of them! I home school my kids so i need a clean kitchen/living room in the morning or i go crazy. my boys are old enough to clean up their toys now, but I do like your basket idea.

blueeyedfreckle said...

love your new hair! and love your ways to make better use of your time! I get so much more done when I plan out my day ahead of time. Otherwise evertime I have a few minutes to actually do something I never know what to spend them on!