Thursday, November 3, 2011

aprons for seed factory

ten aprons.
each one of a kind.
all available at seed factory!


Paige said...

Those are super cute. Love your fabric choices and all the details :)

homemade grits said...

thank you so much paige! means a lot coming from you, talented lady. :)

Heather O'Dell said...

I've been way behind reading your great blog. #1. I laughed out loud about the chili powder, or was it chipolte (I already forgot) in the pumpkin smoothie! #2. Matilda is a cute little love bug, but oh my goodness, snow white! That is so precious, love the wig! #3. I have been in a funk this week, just feeling overwhelmed with the move and wondering how it is affecting my children - thank you for that quote. I'm trying not to worry so much about what the house looks like, but just enjoying my time with the children. Thank you for the reminder! #4. I LOVE the aprons, so classy looking! Have a great weekend! Thank you for being so honest and transparent - it is such an encouragement to me!

homemade grits said...

heather- you are the sweetest! i am so sad to hear you've been in a funk. it happens to the best of us. moving is completely overwhelming, not to mention you have four little ones. you're a super woman in my opinion. saying a little prayer this morning that today is a great one and that you have a relaxing weekend (as relaxing as unpacking can be!). xo

Jodi said...

aw, Heather, <3 you and your sweet honesty above. I've been thinking about you guys!

And Les, these aprons are gorgeous!! :)