Tuesday, November 1, 2011

lovebugs 4.0

just had to share a few of my favorite photos from this year's lovebugs (a collaboration between seed factory and our labor of love). this is the fourth year of the series. you can see the rest here. i love how our labor of love perfectly captured matilda's hilarious expressions. no shortage of personality.

for previous lovebugs click here!

a big thanks to whitney, jesse, and heidi for making magic!


Kate Kiefer said...

these are amazing! of course i love matilda's the most, but there are a lot of close seconds : )

Claire Kiefer said...

sooooooo cute. :) Loved them all on the site. She's precious!

Anonymous said...

ah, i love all the kids! the mermaid tail is killing me. OLOL is the best.

:) deAnna