Sunday, June 22, 2008

Restaurant Review: Gabriels

If you live in Marietta, most likely you have heard of Gabriels. Owned by Johnnie Gabriel, the cousin of Paula Deen, this little bakery turned hotspot has what you're craving. When they made my wedding cake it was out of a tiny location, they have since moved to a much bigger space on Whitlock Ave next to Kroger. They offer breakfast everyday but Sunday and are open for lunch mon-sat, dinner tues-sat. They usually have free cookies that you can munch on while you wait in line and the lunch consists of delicious sandwiches on fresh baked bread and my pick, the vegetable plate. The desserts are out of this world. The cakes are a little pricey at $35 and up, but well worth it!

Jessie had the spinach salad, which she said was delicious and I had the chicken salad on focaccia, which came with chips. I love their chicken salad, but I glanced around at the vegetable plates and could tell I'd been out ordered.

If you haven't been you have to try it out. Definetly a place to run in to neighbors and old friends. I've never been without seeing someone I know and when there wasn't a line!

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