Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yard Sale Results

The yard sale was a success! We started out at 8 and ended around 3. We had a lot of customers, which was awesome and the weather (other than a few showers:)) was perfect. We met Christy and Erik early for donuts and coffee and casually put out our wares. Before we knew it we were bombarded by bargain hunters. We sold all of our kitchen electronics and tons of jewelry and books. We had one guy buy almost all of our books, while tossing the ones he didn't want to the wayside. As I was getting the money he slipped in the Crossroads DVD with Britney Spears and told me not to tell anybody. Perv.

Setting up. We priced as we went and set up as we went. Little effort=way less stress!

No, we didn't really sell Doc!

He was way to good at attracting customers.

We did get some rain.

Poor Erik!

We celebrated with popsicles. We have this guys that sells the most amazing popsicles!

Things I learned...

-People like electronics
-Sets of dinnerware are sold faster than random dishes
-Price to sell! I held out on a few things because I wanted more and they didn't move.
-Rain is not your friend
-Merchandise by category ie, jewels with other jewels, all housewares together, etc
-Talk to your customers, be friendly and approachable
-Be willing to come down within reason
-Have good signage
-Start early, most of our best buyers came between 8 and 10 am

We made a cool $160 that we can spend on Matilda's room and cleared out a ton of junk. Everything that was left we took to Value Village. It is so cleansing to purge. I know I won't miss any of that stuff that was just fillin' my closets.

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