Sunday, July 13, 2008

Carousel Restoration

This morning Sam and I were watching CBS Sunday Morning and I was completely taken with the story about a woman named Jane Walentas who bid on a burned carousel and won and then spent the next 20 years restoring it. I have always loved carousels. When my Mama and I were in Paris I remember seeing a double decker carousel and thinking it was the most beautiful thing my young eyes had ever seen.

Here are some pictures of Jane and the restored carousel. She did a beautiful job, I felt like crying it was so lovely. The carousel is currently being stored in a warehouse in New York while they search for a place to put it. Jane would love to donate to a park near the water. She spent over a million dollars restoring the carousel!

souce:Carousel News

source:Dumbo NYC

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Rachel Kay said...

oh my gosh!
it was my favorite story they have shown in months.