Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Maternity Closet: Second Trimester

You're just about half way done congratulations! Now what to wear with that blossoming belly...
People are definitely starting to notice, but don't make it awkward for them to ask you about it. Choose flattering styles that showcase your new addition, not clothes that hide your belly. Clothes that cover you up make it a toss up of whether you are in deed with child or just putting on some extra pounds. The second trimester is all about cute tops and dresses, your pants you bought in the first trimester will continue to work! Tops that are getting a little shorter just need a longer layer underneath.

Good options without breaking the bank, you want to look good but save your money for the babe:

All from Old Navy's maternity line:

The empire waist is perfect when you start showing because it clearly defines the bump and emphasizes the bust.



This dress is so cute and could be mixed up with cute open cardigans and fun accessories:


All styles from Forever 21:

Smocking anywhere is a bonus!


The longer the tops the better...


I love this dress, which you could also wear as a tunic and layer:


This dress would work best with rolled capris and fun flats:


Throw in some extra comfy men's (they're longer) Hanes Tanks and you can really expand your current wardrobe!

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