Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tea Party

Last saturday my oldest and best friends threw me a tea party shower! It was such a fun theme and everyone wore their fanciest hats, which admittedly I was a bit nervous about because I didn't think I would find the perfect hat, but I did!

Mom and I found the most fabulous vintage hats at one of my favorite places, Fleu De Coup, and check out Grammy's hat! She put Matilda's gift outfit on her hat!! I loved it.

Here are pictures of the tea bar. They had all different flavors of loose tea, a variety of creams and sweeteners, and the favors were the tea cups + tea ball + a bag of your favorite tea. It was beautiful!

Here are pictures of the amazing food! Grammy said it was the most beautiful food she'd ever seen and I agree. I think catering could be a fall back plan!Everything about the shower was incredibly special. I had spent the evening with the hostesses (Jessie, Jessica, and Keely) the night before and could not believe all of the work they had done! Everything from the food to the party favors was spectacular! I have very talented friends.

Marshmallow creme and chocolate peanut butter on sesame cracker
A funfetti cupcakes!
baby feet cucumber sandwhiches
chocolate dipped fruit with coconut sprinkles

mock sushi...mmmm
pita with cherry tomatoes and hummus
sundried tomatoes, pesto, tofu on cracker
Filo pastry with chocolate mousse and mixed fruit

They also sat up a "onesie stations" where the guests all decorated one for Matilda. They are such treasures!

It was a shower full of favorite people. I received the dearest gifts and got to spend time with old friends, especially Becky who I haven't seen in years! It was perfect. Thank you to everyone who came and for all my sweet hostesses did! I love you!

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