Friday, November 21, 2008

Handmade Birthday

Yesterday was my Daddy's birthday and we went and celebrated at our favorite Mexican restaurant. My Dad is simply amazing. He shot his birthday tequila like a champ and we had an amazing time.

Here is Matilda out cold in her Babbacover, my new favorite gizmo. Everyone kept trying to get us to take her out, but I'm getting wise to this ploy. It's all fun and games until we get home and our baby Tilda is an overtired mess. Sam and I stood our ground!

For Daddy's birthday Sam made an amazing belt for him. It is so beautiful and Dad loved it. Sam also loved it, so much that he made himself one. Dad's is on the right, Sam's on the left. Look for them soon in the Etsy shop.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Update: how many times can I use the word amazing in a post???

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