Thursday, March 11, 2010

circus bloomers

i made some bloomers. i love to watch matilda walk in them. swish swish swish.

i'm in a funk. how could i be after posting these pictures? well, i just am. i feel like i'm sort of stuck in the mud. bad news over and over and just rude people. some wonderful friends of mine had their home broken in to and everything stolen. i just feel so discouraged by humans. ugh.

i also feel like the more i try the less things happen.

i know i've been relying on myself far too much and not trusting God. deep breath.

we just have a lot on our shoulders right now, responsibilities that people our age shouldn't have. it's overwhelming.

hope you all have a peaceful night.

don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to vote!

ps the headband is a c&g mane creation. fabulous, no?

© copyright homemade grits


jen said...

The bloomers are darling!

Sorry you're in a funk. :( Hope you have some time to rest and re-charge this weekend!

Lindsay Széchenyi said...

Sorry you have been bummed. You are getting really good at sewing! I love those bloomers <3

Rachel Kay said...

well look at you!

so proud of you seeeester.

kristina dutton said...

so i've thought about this alot, and if you're up for it, i'd love to trade you a painting for one of those adorable stuffed owls! you know how i am about owls... lol let me know!

Christy said...

hello, sweets!
i absolutely LOVE those bloomers! it reallllly makes me wanna little girl of my own to put some on! :)

sorry about the funkiness, it'll pass soon. keeping you and your sweet family in my thoughts and prayers.


thursday said...

These are crazy adorable. Maybe the pictures don't pull you out of the funk now, but save them for another bad day and I bet they'll do the trick. So cute!

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to have a little one to sew for!

Hope you're out of your funk :)

Bridget said...

SOOO cute. are THEY on your etsy shop? when i have a baby i'd definitely be buying them.