Monday, August 9, 2010


i have so much to do today. instead, i am savoring an early nap and my morning coffee. life has been so crazy yesterday and after sewing four sleeves that i decided weren't what i wanted yesterday...i had to step away! this weekend i helped throw a very fun event and then sunday we went to splash park with some of our best friends and their little ones. family is so wonderful and as much as i feel the need to go, go, go, cram, cram, cram it's so nice to slow down and take in the goodness.

sunday i was able to go to yoga at our brand new lululemon with my mama. it was so wonderful. i actually got teary in the class because i was just so happy to be there and so moved by the practice. i was so sad that i missed salutation nation, but thrilled to be able to squeeze in a class! i loved getting to meet the girls there, i even met a blog friend, angie! here are some pictures from salutation nation on the square. lulu and king of pops were both on hand saturday. marietta...we've arrived!

awesome! more pictures here.

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*plum*tree*studio* said...

how fun! love knowing there is a splash park close to my aunt! the yoga awesome!! a little envious down here in decatur! lol.

*plum*tree*studio* said...

p.s. didn't know if you knew...but we work with in minutes of each other...i'm up huff on mondays and fridays!

homemade grits said...

i did not know dana! come and visit me!

Caroline said...

What colorful photos I love them all!!! And yoga in the park ... YES PLEASE! Hope all is lovely!! XO

passport in my pocket said...

love the yoga on the square! right up your alley... um, in more ways than one. enjoy!! :)

RedDirtRevival said...

Glad you got to stop and smell the roses a bit!