Monday, December 27, 2010


1. asa coming in to the world was certainly a way to start the christmas festivities.
2. i made these again because i love the idea of having cookies on reserve as soon as your fancy strikes. this year i tried these babies out. i made them just to make sure they were alright. they were.
3. what's better than a tree lined with presents. i used hardly any wrapping paper this year. kraft boxes tied up with string are pretty great.
4. my daddy and til at my aunt and uncle's horse farm. isn't it beautiful?!
5. handsome jake watching as the first flakes begin to fall. did you hear? georgia had a white christmas. it's a miracle! it was stunningly beautiful.
6. matilda with her umbrella and rain boots from mama. fantastic!
7. we did a lot of this. matilda snuggling with her beautiful cousins.
8. matilda in snow gear and elmo. she loves that critter.

hope you all had a fantastic christmas where your cheeks hurt from smiling. after a gluttonous and fun-filled weekend where i felt truly and utterly spoiled, we ended up being snowed-in, thus creating the perfect recipe for a purging rampage. i only get like this about twice a year, which always terrifies my family (read: sam). not quite done, but the main body of our house is so close. i can almost scratch another item off the list. i love the renewal that comes with the start of a new year. see lots more pictures of our christmas here. this is one of my favorites.


Kate said...

Hi Leslie-
I'm a longtime blog-follower of yours and I just wanted to leave you a note telling you what great photography skills I think you have! Your blog is total eye-candy for me :)
Happy Holidays-

{BlueEyedYonder} said...

What a lovely collection of Christmas pics! I love your package wrapping and you can probably still hear my Southern "Awwwwww" after seeing the photo of you and your sweet family in the snow. You guys could be on the cover of a magazine. I love, love, love it all! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

j'adore la photo de vous 3 !
vous me manquez tellement !
bisous !

Stephanie said...

Such adorable pics! Atlanta got a white Christmas and we were in Seattle with my fam, so we missed it! Maybe next year! Thanks for sharing the loveliness!

Sydney Susannah said...

Leslie you look beautiful! your family is so cute, I hope you are well! miss you.