Tuesday, January 18, 2011

breakfast recipes


i think that majority of questions that i got from this post were pleas for healthy recipes! to make the posts a little less crazy, i'll be spreading them out meal by meal. let's start with my favorite meal of the day: breakfast. i think that breakfast is also the hardest meal of the day to make healthfully. it is much easier to pour a bowl of cereal than to cook, or to grab a donut on the way to work. i get it, BUT these meals above are all super easy to make and quick. every recipe above can be enjoyed during detox except for the oatmeal and sans fruit. after the first two weeks feel free to add oats and berries in, just watch your portion sizes.*

1. for christmas my darling husband surprised me with one of these beauties so i am super in to smoothies right now. this green smoothie is chock full of good things.

2. these egg muffins are a great make-ahead.

3. if you are in detox mode greek yogurt will be your best friend. so rich and creamy, seems wrong but it's so right. sheena who took that beautiful photo shows you here how to make your own. i love sheena's blog and she posts great, healthy recipes all the time.

4. i love frittatas because you can throw whatever you want in. i also make these for dinner and eat the leftovers for breakfast (sam is not a fan). my favorite recipe is ina garten's omelet for 2 (er 1) minus the potatoes.

5. my beloved oatmeal. good for the soul i tell you. i love mixing in a little bit of dried fruit and a scoop of almond butter. turkey bacon doesn't hurt either.

sam and i make turkey bacon and scrambled eggs more than anything. it's fast and so delicious. we season with redmond's real salt and some cracked pepper. i also wanted to mention that i try to wait 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. here's why:

" For approximately the first 6-8 hours after eating our evening meal, the body is burning up the calories from that day. The most effective fat burning time (i.e. stored fat in our thighs, bums and tums) is between approximately 8 and 12 hours after eating. If we have a little snack before bedtime, or have our evening meal too late, the leptin tells the brain that no energy is required, and no fat burning will occur in the latter part of the night. So that little snack, however healthy it may have been, puts paid to any fat-burning that night." -source.

*note: if you're having oatmeal, you don't want to have fruit at the same time in the beginning. after several weeks you can have them together.


{BlueEyedYonder} said...

Your collection of breakfast photos are beautiful. The angel on the right side of my shoulder is giving me a little "tsk, tsk" for swinging by Starbucks for a coffee breakfast this morning.

Eating healthy takes only a teeny bit of extra time and would make me feel SO much better. I need to make the commitment and start whipping up some of these delicous morning meals. Your story is so inspiring and your little heart spatula photo has totally made my morning. Muah!

GeoGirl said...

Thank you for posting the recipes! It made my day. Breakfast is so hard for me because half the time I'm running out the door to get to work. I can't wait to try the muffins! Can you recommend a particular brand of oatmeal?

homemade grits said...

re: blueeyedyonder
don't be hard on yourself, but yes you will feel better! thanks for your sweet words. the spatula was a wedding gift from crate and barrel. i LOVE it!
re: geogirl
awesome meg. hope this helps. we use quaker oats quick cooking oats. not quite instant, but not slow cooking. i just don't have the patience, but those are the "healthiest."

the southern hostess said...

Everything looks so yummy.

The Hasslers said...

I love finding new healthy breakfast recipes that are full of carbs and sugar! Thanks!

blueeyedfreckle said...

i love green smoothies too (though I could never substitute it for my morning cereal, I love cereal!!!) and I bet you are stoked with your super blender! we have the blendtec, and that thing is my BFF:)

wishful nals said...

yum! would it be alright to have all of the above for breakfast? :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Goodness gracious alive you have a $500 smoothie maker?!?!? I will have to be skipping that option. I am trying to like eggs . . . but it's very slow-going.

Caroline said...

I am going to try that smoothie! Love these photos as well!!!! You blog is one of my favorites!! XO!

lorianderic said...

Yummy! I'm going to make the egg muffins tomorrow. I did pretty well on the detox today, but I got pretty hungry toward the end of the day. Have to get some nuts tomorrow!


Nicole said...

I saw your post yesterday and was enthralled with the idea of egg muffins. I made them last night for dinner and served w/a mixed green salad. So delicious. My boyfriend works from home, so I froze the rest for him to have for breakfast. What a fabulous, delicious and filling recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Julie the Alkaline Sister said...

Hi there, thanx soo much for featuring my green smoothie recipe:)
A green smoothie cheer for healthy breakfasts! Julie

sheena said...

LOVING your new little eating series!! we are thinking the same these days:)

thanks for the shout out!!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

i am so excited to go to target tonight to get silicone muffin pans so i can make the egg muffins tomorrow morning. thank you!!! love this idea and forwarded it to my family.

Neil Butterfield said...

A well made smoothie is a great way to start the day. Look for ingredients that contain sufficient vitamins and minerals.