Monday, January 17, 2011

hello monday

pennants via sfgirlbybay/ to-do stickies

good morning! i know us southerners are bracing ourselves for a week of "normal." the ice is finally melting and we're forced to climb out of our states of hibernation and get to work.

this weekend i felt like i was trying to make up for lost time. i was sick over the "snowcation" and did absolutely nothing, thus putting me far, far behind. i'm working on a fun valentine's project for my boss lady and i'm also finishing up "matching, but not matching" outfits for two destined-for-fame little people. i am a productive morning person. the only problem is that my sewing nook is in our bedroom and sam is not a morning person. he could stay up all night working with leather and i feel so unmotivated as soon as it's dark outside. what a conundrum.

i love the feeling of being productive. unfortunately i don't always deal with the pressure well. i may have gotten in a fight with sam over him buying bbq sauce with high fructose corn syrup. tone it down rhonda. sometimes i'm my sam's own worst enemy. i have a constant to-do list and as much as i want a movie night* with my husband i can't help but think of: the floors that need cleaning, that i need to journal, that i have a dozen people to email, the refrigerator needs cleaning out, that i should be doing the 30 day shred, blah blah blah. aren't we all constantly battling the desire to "be" with the desire to "do?" maybe not.

goop's newsletter this week focused on busy moms and how they manage their schedules. granted these moms are ultra rich and fancy (stella mccartney, some venture capitalist lady, and dear gwennie herself). after reading the article i noticed that i felt defeated. i can't afford to get a weekly blowout or a personal trainer to help motivate me. i don't have an assistant or people planning my days for me. what's a girl to do?

*editors note: we had a chili and wine dinner, watched 3 episodes of house, and then i crawled in bed at 9 o'clock. i am a good time.


Hiking in Stilettos said...

I feel overwhelmed, too, and I don't even have a little one! For what it's worth, I think we all are constantly battling the "be" and "do" issue. Even when I'm having down time I have a running list of other things I should be doing in the back of my head. I've found the best solution is to take a deep breath and pray for grace. xoxo

Natalie said...

Creeepy that I am writing on your blog at the same time you wrote on mine!

You are superwoman! I am working the January show at the Mart, and the last few days I've been there for 12 HOURS, then coming home to a pile of etsy/freelance projects to keep up with. Forget working out/getting enough sleep. There just aren't enough hours in the day!!

But, today is a new day.

love! xoxoxo

Annette said...

don't feel over whelmed my rule, one thing at a time and it all gets done that way..btw getting your hair blown out every once in awhile is really a treat, try it some time...really. xo

Claire Kiefer said...

Be vs. Do is a huge battle. I often give in to Be, given that I'm so often forced to Do. Totally okay and self-nurturing to just Be sometimes. And everyone else is amazed at how YOU get it all done, so don't get too crazy with the "defeated" talk!

Amy said...

Here's my rule I try to live with your children everyday, do a load of laundry everyday, kiss your husband everyday and do something for yourself everyday.

Usually if I focus on those four things, the rest falls into place somehow.

lorianderic said...

I think we all feel like this a lot. We never cut ourselves any slack. Try and take care of yourself first, try and get enough rest. (so hard to do, I know)

Also, try not to be so hard on yourself. You do the best you can every day!

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