Sunday, January 30, 2011

valentine's project revealed!

what a gorgeous weekend! went by fast didn't it?! you know what else went by fast? january. seriously, where did it go? i am finally unveiling my secret valentine's project on seed factory's blog today. i was so honored when rachel approached me with this idea and i had so much fun ruffling up some tiny aprons.

i was able to cross off #16 and #22 off this list over the weekend. that's right i finally tried hot yoga! i went to decatur hot yoga with cristen and kate and it was so mind altering fantastic. it wasn't as hot as i thought it would be. in my head before class i kept picturing myself passing out. it didn't happen! i felt so much more limber and was able to try a few different poses like camel pose. loved it! you know what else i loved? spending time with fabulous, strong women like kate and cristen. they are both so spirited and fun. we had a divine dinner at leon's (which is also where sam and i had such a great date night last week). may i please recommend the warm chickpea salad with cherries. so good.

looking forward to challenging myself to practice more yoga this week and to lower my "crazy" level. i've been running around like a chicken as of late. need some more time on the porch with my favorite reading material and 70 degree weather. bliss.


Claire Kiefer said...

I don't love Leon's as much as I love the Brick Store because there isn't as much veggie stuff but that warm chick pea salad is DELISH (and probably not hard to replicate). yum! I'm scared of hot yoga cause I have so much anxiety around breathing, I'm afraid I might have a dang panic attack while everyone else was gettin' all zen, but I'm so curious to try it. I've found a yoga teacher I really love here, so maybe she can recommend one (or maybe she teaches one, even). I talked to Kate on her way to meet y'all and was jealous that I couldn't be there with you. :(

homemade grits said...

re: claire
that would have been so much fun if you could have joined us! it was awesome. you should totally try hot yoga. it wasn't scary! promise.:)

cristen chester said...

i'm so happy you loved your first hot yoga experience! i hope to make an addict out of you : )
so wonderful spending time with you + kate! i have to get over to seed factory soon + check out those adorable aprons for the girls! xoxo

homemade grits said...

re: cristen
i LOVED it and loved getting to spend some time with you. you are so adorable and fun!

B said...

if you ever have the chance to visit Ember in woodstock they are fantastic! my first hot yoga experience and i fell in love with it. of course, now that i'm expecting i can't do the hot yoga...maybe after august!

and i LOVE the aprons, beautiful work

homemade grits said...

re: brandy
congrats girl! how exciting! i will def check out ember. can't wait to hear what you're having:)

Between Blue and Yellow said...

So cool about your aprons! This is the first step, to selling your stuff in your own store :)