Thursday, May 12, 2011

ok, so far...

from left, clockwise: anthropologie, bodyzen, source unknown

i have completed 150 jumping jacks on day 1, 200 on day 2 (with a brief pause in between 100 & 101), and today i'll try again for 200 straight. i hate jumping jacks. reminds me of this.

also, today i checked #13 off my new list of fitness challenges (day before friday the 13th muhaha). it was HOT and i did it in skinny jeans (wth) and at the end matilda said, "hooray, we did it!" my little cheerleader.

i've also taken guinness for a walk every day (he's passed out right now) and i'll do yoga tonight! woohoo.

i'm busy today getting ready to ship out some orders and preparing for our weekend of celebrating (happy birthday to my grammy!).

hope you all have a marvelous weekend (a day early)!

ps and my abs... they don't feel nothin' like steel.


Claire Kiefer said...

Happy Birthday to Grammy! Give her a hug from me. Yesterday was KK's bday and Mama's is the 24th, Grandma's is the 27th, and Daddy's is the 28th. May bdays all around the Reilly/Kiefer families.

Good for you on the fitness stuff! I wanna be beach side too. So grateful today is my day off from the 30 Day Shred. Level 2 is sooooo harrrrrd.

Kristina said...

You're inspiring! I say this after just finishing a bag (yes, a whole bag) of popcorn while my baby sleeps in my arms. I may just make a challenge for myself to help me get back in shape! Hmm, now what will I buy myself if I'm successful? :)

Colleen said...

You go, girl!

momphotographer said...

How do u do all of that! wow! I can't put myself to do yoga once a week ;)