Wednesday, May 11, 2011

workin' on my fitness

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i have so many inspiring people in my life and right now i'm feeling inspired by my friend jodi who just started a personal fitness challenge (7 days straight of bikram anyone?), while i may not be quite as adventurous with my goals (if i'm not sitting around at night SCORE) i'm looking forward to kicking my own wellyouknow.

for starters i've been using my fitness pal thanks to claire and lindsey's glowing reviews. i love that the food database has everything in it. earth balance soy free butter. check. ezekial sprouted grain english muffin. check. it also keeps track of how much water i'm drinking, which makes me want to drink more!

so, i feel like i have a good handle on food, but it's time to step up my game in the exercise department. brisk walk with guinness? done. yoga more than once a week? done.

so here are 15 fitness goals (baby steps):
  1. go to the wanderlust festival at piedmont park
  2. go to yoga after dark with some friends
  3. walk guinness every day for one month
  4. run around at the park with matilda twice a week for two months
  5. lift weights three times a week
  6. hike kennesaw mountain once a week for a month
  7. yoga 2-3 times a week
  8. wake up early and take a be efficient class
  9. touch my toes (don't laugh at me)
  10. perfect my downward dog
  11. hold a backbend for one minute
  12. run a 5k
  13. walk to the farmers market and back
  14. 200 jumping jacks a day for 5 days straight
  15. overcome fear of running
if and only if i complete all 15 i will buy myself something new.


Lindsay Szechenyi said...

Good goals! I am afraid of running too, and I'm supposed to run a 5k some time before February 9th. I was doing pretty well then I got patellar tendonitis and that went down the tubes. A good app for training for a 5k is "Couch to 5k" (c25k) 3 days a week for 9 weeks and supposedly you should be able to run a 5k without stopping :) Good luck!

Kelly and Kelly said...

I like your list. And your "buy something new" idea. I am wanting to do that too, something new from Lulu. I just started running three weeks ago and I'm getting there. The only thing making it work this time is running with a friend.

Heather Stephens said...

Good for you!! I don't have the list, but maybe will make up my own now. I've just been trying to ramp up the activity to shed the extra winter layer... Hey, it was a tough one in New England this year, a girl needed a little insulation! :)
So far I'm doing power walks two to three times a week, including jogging up and walking down the hill by my house, weigh training twice a week, playing an hour and a half of tennis once a week, and just started doing yoga with my friend who a new certified "yogi" twice a week. As a former personal trainer who did nothing but weights, I am LOVING yoga right now!! I am amazed at how hard it can be. Good luck with your goals! I know you will cross off those items in no time. :)

Jodi said...

very excited about your fitness goals, Lesley! :) You can definitely do them. And I agree with Lindsay (above) – I've heard great things about the Couch to 5K program in terms of building up slowly, etc. When I did my first 5K, I followed Hal Higdon's 8-week guide:

Claire Kiefer said...

My Fitness Pal is the only reason I've stuck to my diet/exercise regimen. That and the @#$%! Jillian Michaels. Level two of the shred is ridiculous, btw. I feel at the edge of death.

Your goals are good ones! I am sure you can accomplish them. The thing that gets most in the way for me is time. I work too dang much and I don't have as much time to exercise as I'd like. But I have done the shred every day but Thursdays for the past few weeks!

Keep us posted!

Heather Kent said...

This is totally me! I need to find a bikram yoga class in Charleston.

Megan said...

Okay this sounds (somewhat) doable to me! And I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to fitness. "I'll work out tomorrow!" "I'll get off this couch next week and take that walk through the neighborhood!" Yeah, rarely happens. But with a bunch of small goals like yours, I think maybe it will feel more, I don't know, accessible? Thanks for the inspiration!!

By the way, just found your blog through Bridget at Tales of me and the Husband. I love it! So nice to meet you!

-Megan from Uncharted (