Tuesday, August 16, 2011


because i have a major case of the mondays... i'm going to list things i am grateful for in no particular order:

i am grateful:

that i managed to finish this little flower girl dress.

for my adorable matilda. she got her first busted lip last night and was over it in less than a minute. tough.

for dinner with great friends.

for a date with my sister on wednesday to see one of my heroes from the sixth row!!! thanks daddy!

that we're pre-gaming here.

that i was sent pictures of two of my favorite little people with green mustaches after they drank this.

that i had such an awesome mail day (replacement part to my trash can-don't judge, september's whole living and this print)!

that it's my oldest friend's birthday. send her some love!

for phone calls with my big hearted brother.

for a husband that has dinner and wine waiting for me when i get home from a long day. he really is the best.

that i'm feeling better already.

ps the bachelor pad is total trash and i watched it. shameful. with that said... team ames.


Kate Kiefer said...

that might be my favorite dress yet! can't wait to try chicken and the egg.

homemade grits said...

aw thanks kate! maybe we can go next time you guys are in marietta.

r a c h e l . said...

I feel like I have to first say that I am a new reader and LOVE your blog! It's good to find a blog the shares the same God glorifying beliefs and treasures a healthy lifestyle!! Your last line put the biggest smile on my face and I shamefully, totally agree! Bachelor Pad IS trash and I watched it too, and I am so with you...TEAM AMES! bahaha!!

homemade grits said...

thanks so much rachel! yes, the bachelor tends to suck me in every time. help!

Bridget said...

i'm trashy and watch bach pad too.

totally team vienna.

that was a joke.

Katie said...

i love that dress!


homemade grits said...

thanks katie!

Lora said...

hi lesley! spent some time reading through your blog tonight. you are so creative! i love all the dresses, bags you've sewn - so cute! and your healthy eating/recipes are super inspiring. :) just wanted to say hi! blessings, lora
(ps-i'm doing a necklace/vintage fabric giveaway on my blog today - come and check it out! http://eagerhands.blogspot.com)

Claire Kiefer said...

Aw thanks! And your oldest friend has now joined the old club. THIRTY!

I'm definitely watching and LOVING Bachelor Pad. Vienna is the most ridiculous human being. I love Kasey . . . bless his dumb heart. Ames is sweet (but . . . WHY did he agree to be on the trashiest show on tv???) and Kirk is hot. But my favorite? MICHAEL. Loved him on Jillian's season and love him now. ADORABLE!