Friday, August 12, 2011

simple pleasures

speaking of simplicity, these are some recent simple pleasures that i have been LOVING:

1. date night. we went to the chicken and the egg which felt completely out of body. we are so not spoiled when it comes to dining out in marietta, so this place was the jam! we tried several cocktails including the debutant ball (as shown above). they were all the bomb. i would go there just for drinks, but lucky for us the food was good too. i had the burger but look forward to trying their cobb salad. the banana pudding was also pretty tasty. hello bananas that have been soaked in bourbon. yeah, i'm down with you. we finished our date night with this epic ending. tear. so great. i literally fist pumped (bumped?) at the end.

2. shelling pistachios. who knew that the simple act of shelling would make me feel totally at peace. matilda was tearin' the house up, but i didn't care. just sat there shelling. i made this for dinner. i loved it. didn't get a huge round of applause from the carnivore.

3. standing on the hot porch barefoot, drinking ice water with lemon. so simple yet totally refreshing. working in retail, my feet take a beating. this always feels so good.

4. supporting the handmade community. i went to this fun event thrown by west elm + my girl ginny. i bought the most amazing handprinted fabric from the nicest girl.

5. the most wonderful pleasure i've been experiencing recently is my morning coffee, outdoors with this book and my heavenly father. really can't say enough about it.

6. hanging with the cutest little girl i know. tantrums and all. recently everything is "or something." "mama, is your hair wet or something" "mama, is that guinness or something." crack me up. i got her the raddest sweater ever from h+m. i might have swung in there post etsy event. whoops!

7. yoga. went to the most amazing mixed anusara class. i'm still sore! it felt ridiculously good.

hope your weekend is full of simple pleasures. what are yours? talking about them makes me happy. i have grilling out fajitas to look forward to, some much needed family time, church and soaking up the last bits of summer goodness. who am i kidding? we have at least two more months...


Claire Kiefer said...

I love this post. OR SOMETHING!! That is so funny. What a little rascal. And oh, herb/pistachio falafel! Sounds like it may require more patience than I possess but oh so good. Right now I am most grateful for my morning coffee, even though at this precise moment I am mourning its end. Taking the last sip of my coffee is usually the saddest part of my day.

Jamie @ charmingly ordinary said...

Ha! My little niece went through a "No way!" phase. Good times. Oh, and I feel the same way about restaurants in Jacksonville (FL). So difficult to find healthy/good/organic/whole food OUT.