Monday, December 5, 2011

making merry

this year we've been in full blown christmas mode. here we are cutting down our tree at the coker tree family farm third year in a row. i'm a sucker for the ginger kids and the ornaments they give out.

i'm a little late on filling up the advent pockets, but here's what i have so far:
-go see the lights of life. it was amazing, cheap, and matilda loved the crazy christmas train they have with automated puppets inside.
-filled up a few pockets with dark chocolate. win win.
-added fruit leathers to a couple of pockets.
-watch rudolph's shiny new year on abc family december 5th
-placed ornaments to hang in a few pockets
-watch frosty the snowman on december 9th on cbs
-present nativity scene + read the story of christmas(almost done with a homemade nativity)
-make neighbor treats together
-go see santa
-make cookies for santa
-make reindeer food
-christmas eve she'll get a special gift from our house elf ook. (these adorable pjs)
ps if you're doing elf on the shelf (which you totally should) check out this flickr gallery. it's definitely making us step up our game. (thanks tori for the tip!)

help us add to our list! would love to hear how your family is celebrating the advent.

make your own pocket advent calendar here.


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Claire Kiefer said...

So cute. :) Milo is terrified of the elf on the shelf. I mean he's not actually afraid of the elf, but he's afraid the elf will snitch on him to Santa. Which is awesome.

Rae Veda said...

So fun. I love Christmas decorations and traditions. They're simply the best. xo, rv