Tuesday, March 16, 2010

today is a good day.

simply because i am willing it to be so.

i am so thankful for God's grace.
for bravery.
for jessie.

jessie was in a terrible accident this weekend. it scared the youknowwhat out of me. she managed to jump out of the car with some bruises and a cracked sternum. she is resting, while heavily sedated (can't wait to hear what comes out of her mouth), at her parent's home.

the few moments that i did not know if she was ok or not were the scariest moments of my life. i can't imagine not having jessie here with us. the end.

today is a good day because we will have breakfast with her.

i will work on some of these for a new baby girl.

i will get to have my back patted by the sweetest creature in my life. she will say mama! when i bring her her milk this morning. she will toddle around and point to anything gross (like sam's shoes haha) and say "eeeeeewwwwwww." this will all make me feel like everything is right in the world.

matilda pretending to be guinness

i am also thankful that people who i find to be so wonderful, like me too.

i hope that YOU have a good day...

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Anonymous said...

So glad to know you friend is alright. Thankfully those scary moments in life are usually fewer than the good ones. Great way to count your blessings. I remember when my boys were, well boys and not young men. Their sweet little gestures and words were all that I needed to set things right in my world. Have a blessed day.

passport in my pocket said...

oh no! I will add Jessie to my prayer list. I'm so sorry to hear about this and so thankful she is recovering from her injuries. I hope the sweet family is resting and bonding well. Is there anything I can do to help?

I'm going to call you probably thursday afternoon to catch up - It's hard to get private time, so I'll take a walk or something so that we can catch up. Lots to talk about.... Love you..... and your sweet blog my dear friend :) xo

XquisitebyLadyM said...

What an absolutely lovely way to look at things and take so much of the hurt out of a horrible situation. I will pray for your friend and her family - and for you as well.

jen said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is okay. that's really scary!
thinking of you,

Caroline said...

So happy to have found your blog!! XO

Dandelion and Grey said...

Sending good thoughts your way.. happy to hear she is going to be alright! xo

Erin said...

Praise the Lord she is ok!

TheArtfulMom said...

I agree Leslie, how scary-- but what a way to show us what that person really means to us. Jessie loves you so, and she knows how much you love her too!

Renee said...

I am so thankful that sweet little girl is okay! God is so good. May the goodness of God pass before you today.


the southern hostess said...

I'm so glad everything is okay. Praise God!

FEDERICA said...

How sweet!
Just found your blog and I'm glad I did :-)
Greetings from Italy,

Down and Out Chic said...

oh wow that is scary! i'm glad jessie is ok. i'll definitely be keeping her in my thoughts.