Wednesday, March 9, 2011

rebuilding your temple: week five

photos: lemonade. avocado.

i can't believe we are already on week five! this week's class was led by the awesome dr. jockers from exodus health center. i have learned so much from him already and would encourage you to sign up for his newsletters as they are chock full of all kinds of good stuff. i am a visual learner, so it helps me to design these posts in a way that i can remember the info. hope it helps some of you too.

we started this class with this video. not gonna lie, i've had to hold back the ugly cry both times that i've watched it.

we talked a lot about the healing diet:
  • eliminate grains
  • minimal fruit (berries only)
  • moderate protein (15-25 g per meal)
  • load up on high-fiber veggies
  • eat lots of good fat (see above)
  • utilize good salts
a healing diet is necessary when there is disease in your body, but also to make sure that everything is running smoothly and to cut back on inflammation which leads to disease.

we also talked about reading labels. this one is a tricky one. so many companies now have "trans fat free" on the outside of their packages. here's the thing, these mega companies change the serving size in order to get this stamped on the outside. do not be fooled. if you see any of the bad fats listed above on the ingredients list, it's a trans fat food. also look for hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oil (code for yougotit transfat).

here's a breakdown of what you should be getting in your diet:
  • fruits 20%
  • vegetables (the greener the better) 50-70%
  • sprouted grains (like ezekial bread) 0-20%
  • sweet potatoes and yams 10%
myths about saturated fat. when i tell people that i cook with coconut oil a common reaction is: "ooooh that's a saturated fat." somewhere along the road of the low-fat diet craze we were told that saturated fats are bad. in reality they are essential to our diet. that's right.

mary enig phd on saturated fats (avocado, coconut oil, nuts):
1. saturated fats play an essential role in calcium mineralization in to skeletal bone.
2. they provide a protective layer in the liver that guards it from alcohol and other toxins such as those found in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
3. they also stimulate the immune system as well as metabolic and fat burning mechanisms.

bonus handout: 20 tips for healthy weightloss

scripture: matthew 19:26

make some lemonade (see recipe above) and drink it daily.
work on your fitness.
chart what you are eating to see where your percentages lie and then adjust them as necessary.
watch as many sunrises and sunsets as you can. it's good for the soul.


blueeyedfreckle said...

I love how beautiful these posts are! And after I have le bebe perhaps I will try this diet/way of life. not sure I could/would ever cut out the grains for more than 2 weeks, but the rest of it seems great! At least I could make some essential changes. I have tried a little bit here and there already.

Jessica said...

Do you have a go-to place for recipes?

homemade grits said...

re: jessica

will be posting some of my resources soon, but I love green kitchen stories! they are awesome.

Becky said...

I love your updates on rebuilding your temple and wish there was a similar class near me in SC!

Hiking in Stilettos said...

LOVE these posts!

A couple facts...
Inflammation is linked to many cancers & lots of other diseases.
I cut out grains a while ago, and my workouts/runs got SO much better.
I wish I lived closer so I could go to the classes!


Lindsay N. Strickland said...

I've been following your blog for awhile. The rebuilding your temple posts have really inspired me.

My husband and I are going on the Daniel Fast until Easter Sunday. We've been wanting to make a change in our diet and have slowly started adding organic elements to our pantry and fridge.

Tonight is Whole Foods night. I would absolutely love to see your recipes and new ideas.

Also, I agree with you about sugar. Have you cut it out of your diet completely? If so, do you miss it??

Have a splendid day!

Shauna said...

Wow...I just read through all the "rebuilding your temple" posts and I am very interested in trying this. What really got to me was the sugar/cancer link. That is alarming, and as a Mom of 3 I want to take the best care of my body that I can. Thanks so much!!

homemade grits said...

re: lindsay
i have cut out most sugar. i typically don't eat anything that has more than 10g per serving. for weightloss you want to stick to 6g and under. it gets so much easier, but the sweet tooth is always there. on our vacation meals i'll indulge in some awesome desserts, but truth be told it usually ends up making me feel like crap.

if you quit sugar cold turkey, the first three days are the worst, after that it gets much easier.

curious about the daniel fast... off to google!

Kellee said...

Thank you for these posts and thank you for the recipe!! I've been trying to find ways to incorporate turmeric in my cooking, and I never would have thought to put it in lemonade!!

I have two wishes as I learn more about wholesome living and eating and they are: 1. That I could get my family more on board, and 2. That I could afford it more!
Here's hoping! :)

Lindsay N. Strickland said...

So, I've sortof quit sugar cold turkey for the next forty days or so.

The daniel fast is veggies, fruit, and whole grains only. (water only to drink) Sugar-free and chemical free. It's much harder that I anticipated..and I'm only on day 2. It's going to be a challenge. Mostly, I hope it makes me realize that I don't need to plan my life around food and starbucks.

Last night at whole foods it was a challenge. Even "organic" products there have added things that aren't good for our bodies. It was eye-opening.


angela hardison said...

such an informative post. loved this!

Romantisch Hotel Bruges said...

Lovely and cool recipes and nice look. really beautiful pic of Good Vibration . i loved that and nice your thought so i just try make this recipe at my home.....

Shauna said...

Do you only cook certain things with coconut oil? I almost bought some today but it seemed like it gives off a coconut taste which wouldnt be good with certain dishes. Just thought Id ask someone who uses it a lot before I purchase some...