Tuesday, March 15, 2011

rebuilding your temple: week six

photos: pico, coffee, juice

this week at class we watched the gerson miracle. for all of you that watched food matters (you watched it right?!) you will remember charlotte from that movie. charlotte is the daughter of max gerson. anyways, the gerson miracle is based on the migraine studies conducted by german physician max gerson. he cured himself of migraines eating a mostly raw vegetarian diet. he also did a test on 450 patients with tuberculosis who used the gerson therapy and 446 claimed to be healed. from there this study was used to treat all sorts of diseases, including cancer. he wrote a book called A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases where he chronicles his successes with the gerson therapy and cancer. this movie follows his legacy. his daughter charlotte explains how these practices are still used today to heal.

the gerson therapy is primarily drinking tons of juice. when you flood the body with organic juice, it goes to your blood stream almost as fast as alcohol. doing this will heal your body and bring about vibrant health.

one thing about the treatment that i thought was interesting was the use of coffee enemas. eek! although this sounds completely outside of my comfort zone, you better believe that if it was me or cancer that i'd be doing 'em.

it makes me so sad that this treatment isn't readily available for patients in the US because of legal issues. the gerson institute was founded in tijuana, mexico where it is today. lives are being changed everyday without the use of chemo. the problem with chemo is that it kills the bad cells, but also the good ones.

other notes of interest:

watch the movie (forewarning, there are some pretty hokey moments, but also some great info)

thank you all for your allergy advice. i'm pushing through and looking in to all of your solutions. sorry to hear that many of you suffer from them as well. i will become one with the neti-pot!


danielle thompson said...

this is awesome. Where are your fav places to buy organic juice, lesley? around Atlanta... (maybe where i won't go broke buying it? ; ) My husband goes to Your DeKalb Farmer's Market every week, do they have a good selection there? thanks for these tips!

danielle thompson

homemade grits said...

re: danielle
thanks so much danielle!
the most economical option would be to get a juicer and juice your own organic fruits and vegetables. otherwise you pay for the convenience factor. the farmer's market may have juice. sadly i have yet to make it over there! let me know if you find some:)

TKTC said...

I am really, truly finding this stuff compelling. I did watch Food Matters and it confirmed a lot of things I'd suspected already- thank you for the reco. All of your topline mentions above make sense but can you provide some links to background for your two ending notes about Ritalin and iodized salt?

homemade grits said...

re: TKTC
that was irresponsible of me to not provide links! thanks for bringing that to my attention. i've provided some links now, but all of the info i posted came from the movie (the gerson miracle).

glad you enjoyed food matters! it's one of my favorites.

Hiking in Stilettos said...

Gosh, I love reading these!! It's incredible how powerful healthy lifestyles can be. Love it!

I will definitely be checking out Gerson's book. We actually went through some of the complementary therapies in our chemotherapy/cancer class, and unfortunately, there's not much evidence for coffee enemas. In fact, some of the patients had worse outcomes, so that's why it's illegal. I think it's more the diet full of anti-oxidants that shows benefit. Hopefully people will still get that part of it.

There was also a doctor who wrote about about how sharks don't get cancer, so he created a therapy based on shark cartilage enemas. Turns out, sharks do get cancer... and his son owned the company making the enemas. It's so so so sad. It makes you realize that you really have to look at where your information is coming from.. are the sources reliable? Is there hard evidence to support it?

Sorry for the long comment. This is just so very close to my heart, and I honestly feel like it's why I am in a medical profession. I want to badly to just educate people on how to be healthy, stay healthy, and fight disease using natural therapies and medication when needed.

I can't wait for next week! Love you. :)